In recent years, the world has been shaken by the boom of online casinos. Dozens of new sites appear on the internet every week. Some of them are of high quality and safe for the user. But Canada’s 2022 gambling year has shown that most have neither licenses nor proven software. Therefore, one of our tasks is to check and weed out websites that pose a threat to gambling lovers.

But our team is not only interested in researching new online casinos. We also thoroughly inspect and test the industry’s giants. Our specialists do not take for granted the popularity of certain casinos, we investigate the reasons for their success. So when we recommend certain casinos, we make sure – the tested gambling site is popular for objective reasons, not due to successful PR.

Thanks to years of hard work, our team has gained knowledge and become experts in the gambling industry. The analyzes we make are detailed and unbiased, which explains the level of our users’ trust. Thanks to our impeccable reputation, we are able to avoid the main problem gambling industry faces – customers’ suspicion and distrust.

For better quality of a review, we make our checks two-leveled. Where the first, more basic level means checking the casino from a user point of view. And the second level is aimed at a deeper and more detailed study. As a result, we get a review of various casinos, based on a comprehensive examination of a variety of aspects.

We Know What Users Need

For the majority of regular users of a typical Canadian casino, such things as “type of data encryption” is not too important. Instead, some basic aspects are crucial when choosing a gambling website. For this reason, our specialists have developed and implemented a casino review and rating from the “user’s point of view”. Such testing we divide into three sections: deposit methods, customer service, cashouts. It is these three categories that players value when using a website.

After registration, the first thing we focus on is payment methods. The more methods are available, the better the website ranking. Of course, among the existing providers, industry leaders (VISA and MasterCard) must be represented. And to make the testing complete, our specialists deposit funds with all available options.

Sooner or later, all users face a need to communicate with a website administration. Therefore, anticipating this need we contact customer support. Most casinos post contact information at the bottom of the site. Usually, it is email, phone number, or live chat. For an online casino to receive a high rating, personnel should answer as soon as possible. And since there are two official languages ​​in Canada, the services must be provided in both English and French.

At the final stage of verification from the “user’s point of view”, we test the cashout function. Again, our specialists test all available methods. Much attention is paid to the time span from applying for cashout to receiving money on a personal account. A good result of the transfer of winnings is a period of 24 hours, slightly worse is 2-5 days.

We Check Casinos From A Professional’s Perspective

Our second level of online casino testing is more detailed and comprehensive. This type of testing requires experience and some knowledge in the field. This more professional type of verification includes casino history study, license verification, and real users` feedback. Of course, an ordinary player can repeat our steps, but it takes a lot of time and perseverance. And as our experience shows, the vast majority of players do not want to devote their efforts to such time-spending.

At this stage, every check starts with license verification. Having a license is a top priority for the security of any online casino. Therefore, our specialists carefully study the authenticity of the specified license number, the country of registration, and the provider authority. The best online casinos are usually registered in Gibraltar, Malta, Cyprus, and Curacao. In addition, casinos registered on these islands can legally operate in Canada.

But a valid license is not the only positive sign. The history of previous projects of the owners can tell a lot about the reliability and safety of the casino. This aspect is quite difficult to study, but our specialists work very hard for the safety of users. The Internet remembers everything, so we always make sure the website is safe before recommending it.

Another way to check out online Canadian casinos is to study a customer’s feedback and comments. Unfortunately, many comments on the Internet are fake. So, for example, positive comments can be written by special bots to promote the site. And negative ones can be left by competitors to push away users. Fortunately, our specialists have extensive experience and can recognize false reviews.

Same as average users, we pay a lot of attention to the games available on the site. Large gambling providers have thousands of different games at their disposal. Checking so many programs is extremely time-consuming. That’s why we test all the most popular and dozens of random games. The website will receive a high rating if all the tested games function properly, and a lower rating if we find some bugs.

Top Canadian Online Casinos

Games are the basis of any casino. And the prosperity or decline of a gambling website depends on its quantity and quality. A typical casino in Canada is no exception, so it tries to provide its customers with the best available on the market. Ninety percent of Canadian casinos online earnings come from the following games:

  • Slots occupy an honorable first place both among the quantitative representation and popularity with customers. Each major site has several hundred games in its library. And the reason for its popularity is simple – it does not require additional knowledge and skills. At the same time, everyone can win crazy slots jackpots;
  • Poker is without a doubt the number one card game of all. And while most players prefer live play, to be able to bluff, the pandemic has changed everything. And now, the popularity of online poker has grown exponentially. The only nuance that scares some beginners is the need to learn combinations and certain skills;
  • Roulette was one of the first to move to the Internet. To play, you need to know different types of bets and a bit of luck. Nowadays, live croupier services are used for this game even online. You can play both yourself and in the company of other users. The most common are the European and American versions;
  • Baccara is one of the oldest card games in the world. The game requires a company of several people and knowledge of the rules. Each player makes a mandatory bet and in case of victory takes the collective “bank”. The game is quite complex, so it rarely hits the casino news, like slots or poker;
  • Blackjack is a favorite game of millions. Like baccarat, it is one of the banking games, but it is much easier to master. Everyone can win, you just need to learn a small number of card combinations and a little luck.

Why Do We Prioritize Casinos Safeness Over Other Aspects?

We have talked about this before but need to say it again – user safety is our priority. When reviewing a casino, we make sure that our recommendation will not harm the player. That is why our specialists include only the best online casinos in the rating. Each of them has passed a full safety test and meets the highest international standards. As a result, customers in Canada can enjoy gambling without worrying about the security of their funds and personal data.

On our site, you will find reviews of only the best licensed online casinos. And in reciting this, we must focus on the first word, because a good casino can not be unlicensed. It was possible twenty years ago, but not now.

Due to the procedure of obtaining a license, the casino acquires many benefits. For example, a legal casino may enter into agreements with official providers of proven online games. It is important, because, in contrast to pirated developers, legal providers guarantee the proper functioning of programs. And liability for program failures or bugs.

Only a licensed casino can guarantee the possibility of withdrawing winnings. Among the sites that we review, there are only those that let to conduct cash out without delays and difficulties. After all, we do not want our clients not to be able to get their well-deserved win.

Another very important aspect of our commitment to licensed casinos is the mandatory encryption of customer data and transactions. Our specialists personally check whether the stated information is true. We do not want the personal data of customers specified during registration to fall into the hands of fraudsters or advertising agencies. That is why we describe in our reviews only the best online casinos Canada has to offer.

Why Don’t We Review Unlicensed Casinos?

On the Internet, you can come across an unknown casino that offers dizzyingly large bonuses. Like two or three times larger than what good online casinos offer. But at the same time, you will not find a review of such gambling sites on our platform. The thing is that the vast majority of such casinos operate without a license. And although it alone is a sufficient reason not to popularize such casinos, we will add a few additional points.

  • RTP (Percentage Return To Player) is regulated not by the game developer but by the site. And if the licensed provider by law can not set the RTP below 94-96%, the unlicensed site can set the percentage as low as possible. Or even set conditions that make it impossible to win;
  • Playing on unlicensed sites is often accompanied by complaints of refusals to withdraw winnings. Or there is a certain upper limit – if the user wins a small amount, the money can be cashed out. But if the win is big, cashing out becomes impossible. Unfortunately, it is a very common phenomenon, but thanks to advertising, new players are constantly trying their luck and registering at unlicensed online casinos;
  • The activities of such gambling websites are not regulated by any legal authorities. Therefore, if a player has any problems with the casino, it will be difficult to receive justice;
  • Such sites are driven by bad motives even when paying out winnings and setting up acceptable RTPs. For example, such platforms often sell customers’ data to third parties. Usually, it’s a variety of scammers, or if you’re lucky – advertising agencies;
  • And although this point is insignificant compared to the previous ones, it is worth mentioning. Because compared to top online casinos, unlicensed websites have fewer games.

As a result, it becomes clear that playing in honest casinos is much more profitable and safer than using the services of illegal gambling sites. To win a certain amount and not be able to cash it out makes such an activity useless. Therefore, we do not recommend such casinos.

Bonuses Are Top Attractions Of Any Online Casino

Bonuses are without a doubt the best tools for attracting new and retaining existing customers. That is why we constantly see advertisements for various casinos that offer attractive bonuses. And all you need to do to get them is to create a profile on the site. Of course, by following the link, the client will be offered other promotions too. There are so many of these promotions that it’s not hard to get confused, and that’s why our site can be useful.

Our specialists study various bonuses to share the conclusions in their reviews. We also carefully study the terms of the shares and highlight the most important points. We do it because many players do not read the terms and conditions, so they need clarification. And since new users often do not even understand the differences between promotions, we briefly explain their essence.

Of all the casino offers, the most common is the first deposit bonus. To obtain it, you must meet several conditions. Among the main requirements are registration on the site and a deposit for the required amount of money. There are usually other requirements, but those are secondary and do not play an important role.

A good, though not very common, is the no deposit bonus. It is usually provided with a referral link. Or for attracting new users to the casino. Sometimes such promotions are given to regular customers as a reward for loyalty. In general, such offers are rare, but we always inform users if a gambling website makes such a promotion.

Although free spins are a subcategory of bonuses, they are so popular that they are worth mentioning. This type of offer can be submitted both on deposit and in non-deposit form. The option is useful only for slot games. But since this category is the largest in the industry, the free spins are perceived as something special.

The latest type of offer is cashback. This type of bonus has moved to gambling from online commerce. You can usually take advantage of such an offer once a week. And the cashback itself rarely exceeds 15% of the last seven days’ lost bets.

Our specialists carefully study the offers of top online casinos and are sure to indicate them in reviews. At the same time on our site users can learn not only about the size of bonuses but also about other important aspects. Such as expiration dates, terms of reception and use, restrictions of the parties, and more. Also, on our site, you can learn about the casino ratings with the best bonuses.

We Check The Mobile Version Of The Casino

Today, it is impossible to imagine a gambling website that prioritizes the desktop version of the platform. Almost all Internet users in Canada own modern smartphones. So it is not surprising that people use casinos with their gadgets. Hence the need for top Canadian casinos to have good mobile versions of their sites. And our task is to make sure that gambling websites in our rankings can be comfortably used with a smartphone.

Our specialists make sure that all games on the sites are optimized and easy to use. The same goes for optimizing pages for different display sizes. The best online casinos generally position themselves as websites for users of Android and IOS platforms. So it is not surprising that we pay a lot of attention to mobile versions and their obvious advantages.

In our tests, we highlight platforms with user-friendly functionality and enjoyable content. Visitors always like these aspects. Such conciseness is a common feature of the best casinos Canada can offer.

The high speed of loading the website pages also does not go unnoticed. We appreciate only those online casinos that open quickly and are not buggy. Many of the sites we tested achieve it by simplifying the operation of the web resource.


More and more gambling websites appear on the Internet. And in the last few years, this trend has only intensified. Unfortunately, not all new providers aim to create a quality and bona fide business. That’s why our specialists are constantly checking and testing various websites for a single purpose. Introduce to users a review of the best online casinos in the industry.

To do so, employees of our site have developed a unique two-tier method of testing the quality of the website. At the first level, we consider the work of the casino site from the client’s point of view. This includes registration, verification of deposit, cashout methods, and customer support. The second stage is more complex and time-consuming. Our specialists check the license, test games, and study the reputation of the site.

Regardless of the size and popularity of websites, our reviews are always objective and honest. User security is our priority, so much attention is paid to license verification and data encryption methods. We consider the best online gambling sites to be those which are concerned about the safety of using their platforms.


Are Casinos You Review Safe?

Our experienced specialists conduct the most detailed inspections to determine the safety of the casino. And only when the gambling website is tested successfully, we do publish a review of it. In general, customer safety is our priority, so all the websites you find in our rankings can be used without hesitation. As a result, you can choose the best online casino from our list of high-quality gambling platforms.

Can I Trust Your Reviews On Top Online Casinos?

All our reviews are detailed and objective. Our specialists research various aspects of casino operation and provide real data. Therefore, you will not find such websites in our rankings that dominate others in all aspects. Some casinos offer good deposit bonuses, others have high-interest cashback. As a result, our reviews are unbiased and trustworthy.

What Should I Do To Get Bonuses?

It is not difficult to get bonuses. Firstly, you need to register on the selected gambling site. Secondly, you need to get acquainted with the conditions of receiving special offers. Usually, the player will have several options to choose from. If you are lucky, you can even get some no deposit bonuses. Thirdly, if the conditions are met, click on the “get the bonus” icon or a similar one.

Can I Get Real Money At Reviewed Casinos?

All casinos reviewed on our site are verified and reliable. All are licensed and operate in Canada completely legally. Therefore, you can cash out the winnings using the preferred payment method. Casinos in our rankings are supported by dozens of different payment systems. Among them are VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and many others.

Do I Need To Create A Profile?

Test your skills and luck in demo mode, registration on the site is optional. But if you want to gamble for real money, get bonuses, or make a deposit, creating an account is a must.